Boutique Hotel System Design

Customize Your Fragrance Cocktail Hour

L’Orangerie is a Boutique Hotel located in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France. This beautiful town in the south of France is home to many species of plants to develop the most complex and exquisite perfumes around the globe. L’Orangerie offers a unique night’s stay in a French Mansion and a cocktail hour with a master perfumer to make a custom fragrance.

L’Orangerie draws inspiration from the foliage and plant life growing both inside and outside the mansion, as all fragrance oils are derived from the earth. This hotel brings the process of making a perfume or cologne directly to the consumer by including them in the fragrance development process. After a guest checks into the hotel they are escorted to their reserved room and enter it with a key card. 

The visitor is met with a welcome letter and an invitation to a cocktail hour that evening for the parfumerie event in the conservatory. The letter specifies which room the guest is staying in, with each room being named after popular botanicals in fragrances. The invitation is paired with the fragrance oil matching their uniquely floral themed suite, and the guests are instructed to bring their oil to the cocktail social that evening.

During the cocktail event in l’orangerie, professional perfumers meet with the guests to help them develop a special and well rounded scent, all while educating the visitors on what scents work, why they work, and how fragrances are made. The guests are given a full size bottle of the perfume they create either in a spray or roller ball to take with them on their next journey.

The color palette reflects colors used in Rococo painting, which originated in early 18th century Paris, and is characterized by soft colors and curvy lines. Rococo art depicts scenes of love, nature, amorous encounters, light-hearted entertainment, and youth. L’Orangerie shares the same feelings of enjoying love, nature, and bliss through illustration, typography, and color. 

The illustrations depict the mansion itself, the conservatory, and hanging baskets of plants that would be found in this location. The type treatment features an eccentric display typeface, a small caps serif typeface and a sans serif body copy to promote economy. The materials used are matte, heavy in weight, have a tooth, and ripped edges to further push the idea of texture and luxury. 

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