Savannah Sips

Food Package Design


Savannah Sips is a boutique winery that specializes in creating wine packages specifically tailored to be enjoyed in the stunning Historic District of Savannah, Georgia. With a focus on offering a unique and exciting experience for locals and visitors alike, Savannah Sips provides the opportunity to leisurely explore the city while indulging in locally crafted wine and pairings. Each pre-made kit includes a guided walking tour and three varieties of wine to enjoy picnic-style in three of Savannah’s most beautiful parks.

Savannah Sips offers a refreshing and intimate alternative to traditional social drinking environments like bars or clubs. Their wine kits are designed to encourage friends and loved ones to spend quality time together in the great outdoors, exploring the city at a relaxed pace through a series of guided walks and picnics. As a local small business, Savannah Sips has a deep understanding of the city and has curated their wine flavors to not only match specific locations but also specific times of day. Each wine picnic set includes snack pairings to be enjoyed with all three bottles in the basket.

The Savannah Sips Wine and Pairings Walking Picnic Basket comes complete with a pamphlet featuring a map and easy-to-follow directions. The pamphlet also includes a summary of each of the three picnic locations, highlighting their historical significance for the picnic-goers to enjoy as they dine. The first stop, Oglethorpe Square, is a late morning picnic with champagne and orange juice for handcrafted mimosas, paired with candied pecans. The second picnic takes place in the afternoon at Orleans Square, where the customer can enjoy pinot grigio with berries. The third and final stop on the guided tour is a sunset picnic in Forsyth Park with merlot and dark chocolate. For a premium picnic experience, the carrying case includes a set of plates, glasses, as well as a wine bottle opener.

Savannah Sips is proud of its deep roots in Savannah’s history, and this is reflected in the brand’s theme. Instead of using illustrations or photography, the brand incorporates type as its primary design element. The history of Savannah is written out in full, creating a letterform texture that fills the squares on the map of the city. To further enhance the brand’s authenticity and connection to the city, Savannah Sips uses repurposed and recycled cobalt blue bottles, carrying case, plates, glasses, and bottle opener, all sourced from the local area. The blue bottles are also the inspiration for the historical map, which is balanced by a bright green block color where the consumer is most engaged. Custom leather straps have been added to the carrying case to hold the wine bottles securely in place while on the move.

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