The Rightful way to Periods & Sex

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The Rightful Way

Rightful is a mission driven company that addresses the lack of sexual health education and offers resources and products to provide sex positivity, reproductive wellbeing, and consent guidance. Rightful specializes in developing menstrual solutions and intimate products to promote exploration and encourage their customers to discover what is best for their body.

Rightful prides itself on the “right” approach to sexual health education and menstrual solutions. As a company, Rightful is dedicated to normalizing the experiences that everyone goes through, aiming to foster a positive, inclusive, and comfortable understanding of these pivotal moments. Through the introduction of a complementary “On-the-Flow” or  “On-the-Go” period and sex kit - Rightful provides individuals with valuable insight into their core mission and values. 

It’s through this free kit where users can experience a newfound comfort and ease to explore their bodies. While on their Rightful journey, those can discover a diverse selection of intimacy and sexual well-being products that are designed with comfort and satisfaction in mind. With any Rightful purchase, a tailored tip card and contraceptive booklet is included. 

Rightful strives to engage with individuals to understand their needs, concerns, and experiences regarding sexual health. Through listening, Rightful continues to gain valuable insights of the reproductive wants and needs in today’s society. Listening to others creates an inclusive and accepting environment where everyone’s voice is heard without judgment. 

Rightful has strategically developed a theme that revolves around color, imagery, and human connection, resulting in a cohesive and engaging user experience. By incorporating bitmap images, the company creates a visually approachable conversation that resonates with its user. These images not only showcase the actual product, but also make the content more relatable and easier to understand. 

To differentiate between their sexual well-being products and their menstrual products, Rightful has implemented a meticulously designed color system. This system allows users to easily identify and distinguish the different product categories, promoting a seamless browsing experience. This ensures that users can navigate their offerings with clarity and confidence in finding the product that aligns with their specific needs. In order to foster human connection and evoke emotion, Rightful has integrated a wide array of androgynous expressions into its branding. This intentional design choice grounds Rightful, allowing for a more personal, and vulnerable experience.

Rightful Process Book

Designed in collaboration with Brian Anastasio

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