Interactive Exhibit and Print Design

Survivor's Sanctuary

The #MeToo movement is a global, survivor-led movement against sexual violence dedicated to creating pathways for healing, justice, action, and leadership. With millions of followers, the movement has expanded beyond the screen and into some of the most populated cities in the United States by creating open galleries for the community. These galleries, named “Survivor’s Sanctuaries,” promote unity, awareness, and provide an outlet for those on their journey of recovery.

The #MeToo movement has created a space for survivors of sexual assault to unite and share their stories with one another. To further promote awareness and facilitate this support system, Survivor’s Sanctuary showcases the visual expressions of women, exploring what brings the #MeToo community together and highlighting the unique stories of survivors.

Welcome Packet

Attendees of Survivor’s Sanctuary find a welcoming and supportive space where they can connect with others who have shared similar experiences and receive tools to help in their own healing journey. Upon entering the gallery, they receive a welcome packet that includes an illustrative journal, gallery brochure and map, and stickers for interactive gallery exhibits.

Survivor’s Sanctuary features two exhibits named “Our Shared Experiences” and “My Story, My Terms.” The first exhibit provides visitors with a unique opportunity to interact with the art and connect with others in the community who have had similar experiences. Visitors can add themselves to the gallery by placing the welcome packet stickers on any surface that resonates with them the most. “Our Shared Experiences” creates a sense of unity and promotes the understanding that survivors of sexual assault are not alone in their journey. 

The second exhibit features walls patterned with speech bubbles of various sizes, creating an open space for visitors to share their words, images, or thoughts. This interactive element encourages visitors to engage with the exhibit and connect with one another in a supportive environment. “My Story, My Terms” provides a safe and welcoming space for visitors to express themselves, connect with others, and feel empowered by the courage of the community.

The welcome packet and visual gallery are illustration-centered to promote the sharing of survivor stories, as the fear of revealing one’s identity is a main reason why survivors do not come forward with their story. A strict color palette was used to facilitate organization and consistency across media platforms. The recurring motif of speech bubbles directly supports the mission of survivors sharing their stories on their own terms. Printed pieces include die-cuts, kiss cuts, perforated tags, reflective paper, and various paper folding techniques to enhance the visual impact and deliver a cohesive experience to visitors.

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