Vivacious Art & Vibrant Community

Vivace is a renowned global conference for typography and graphic design, held at the prestigious Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, France. The conference is dedicated to promoting the work of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, designers, and typographers in the design industry.

Vivace draws inspiration from the French Art Movement of the early 1900s known as Fauvism, which is characterized by its vibrant, energetic, and engaging style. The conference uses visual and conceptual elements of Fauvism to connect with and empower the designers featured at the event. Vivace’s mission is to endorse current BIPOC artists, promote their work, and bring attention to their contributions to the design world.

At its core, Vivace is focused on movement, both in the ever-evolving nature of typography and in the personal and professional growth of BIPOC artists. The conference is inspired by the history of French art but is deeply invested in the future of design and the ways in which young designers are transforming the industry. The powerful and expressive art style of Fauvism, with its strong complementary colors and fierce brushwork, creates an energetic and lively space for innovative creatives to come together.

The art style used by Vivace incorporates contemporary line-work and motifs to represent the ever-changing nature of design and humanity. Photography is used to highlight the artists speaking at the conference, with images and typographical elements flipped and turned to break the grid and showcase the ways in which these artists are breaking rules and forging their own unique paths in the design world. Vivace celebrates and empowers BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, promoting their work and amplifying their voices in the design community.

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