Beauty Package Design

noun: the time at which someone feels most powerful or successful

Zenith is a genderless shaving and skincare brand that promotes exactly what the name means- the time at which someone is most powerful or successful. Zenith is a new level of luxury grooming that specializes in shaving, skin, and body care products to make the consumer feel that their peak.

Zenith’s line of exceptional products is designed to enhance the consumer’s grooming experience, leaving them feeling confident, alluring, and authentic to themselves. Zenith takes pride in the versatility of their shaving kit, which can be utilized in any way to accentuate one’s natural beauty. This seven piece shaving kit includes: an exfoliating bar, shaving cream, an electric razor, derma-blades, post shave cream, an eyebrow and mirror kit, and a razor with blade refills. The brand name, Zenith, is a testament to its commitment to providing the consumer with the highest quality products and experiences. Zenith is the moment where a person feels at their prime, climax, flower, or peak. It is an intimate but strong feeling, and Zenith’s shaving kit helps individuals look and feel your most commanding, attractive, and seductive.

Zenith was developed from the overuse of gendered products in the beauty and self care industry. Hair is hair and skin is skin, there is no need to complicate it more than that. Shaving and grooming should be seen as an act of love to oneself, as an act of self care and time spent with one’s body. This shaving kit covers all shaving and hair grooming needs, from eyebrows, to legs, to beards. The important part of a genderless shaving kit is the emphasis that the consumer can choose to shave everything, nothing, or even just one thing; the tools are there in one place to maintain whatever desired.

Zenith’s logo is broken down into various shapes to make nine different patterns out of the letterforms themselves. The patterns are used to differentiate the products from each other and to highlight the special details in each product of the kit. The electric razor is stored in a ribbon tied bag, the face moisturizer jar is cradled by an information sheet that slides out of the box. The secondary packaging, the box the entire kit is delivered in, is quite long and flat to reveal all the products lined up together and to show the high level of luxury grooming this brand offers.

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