Terras Gauda

Poster Design & 3D Rendering

The Bodegas Terras Gauda winery is located in Rias Baixas, O Rosal, Spain. Terras Gauda Wineries and the Vigo Port Authority are sponsors of the enormous and prestigious communications project that the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda has become. In an effort to establish a permanent connection between the competition and the city of Vigo, the Port of Vigo serves as a biannual showcase for avant garde international art through the exhibition of the original competition entries, with this poster placing sixth place.

In Spanish “Terras” means land and “Gauda” means happiness. Vigo, Spain, the location of the competition and the winery itself is one of the largest port cities in the world. The weather is warm in the summer, so locals often enjoy their days on their boats, in the water, on the shore, or drinking wine. The poster reveals a sandbank in the port surrounded by boats, all pointed in the direction of the island. This represents how the people of Vigo enjoy spending their time in their environment drinking wine from “happy land” in Spain.

As the competition is judged by and attracts high end wine lovers, the winning poster is expanded to a limited edition wine bottle display case. The bottle, resting in 4 layers of laser cut and printed acrylic, recreates the poster itself in a three dimensional space. The front door of the case opens to obtain the bottle, and the case can easily be filled with another Terras Gauda Wine bottle as it fits into the shape cut into the material.

This poster uses flat color illustration to reveal a wine bottle containing a wine glass as a sandbank in the port surrounded by boats. The wine bottle display case, sculpted in Rhino and rendered in Keyshot, uses four sheets of blue tinted acrylic with four different shaped laser cuts in the center. The laser cuts perfectly align to cradle and hold the bottle in the center of the shadow box. The acrylic sheets also have printed boats on them to further connect the display case to the winning poster and promote the idea of the Terras Gauda Winery and the Port of Vigo being a community full of creatives and wine lovers.

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