It’s your lucky day! You met me!

My name is Kaitlin Lawler and I am a graphic designer and visual storyteller equipped with an eye for detail that can spot a four-leaf clover from a mile away.

Most might attribute my clover-spotting prowess to my Irish heritage or my love for outdoor escapades. But my talent is far simpler than that. I don't just stand static in one patch of clover. I keep the wheels turning, constantly on the move during my search.

Clover spotting and graphic design have the same truths- never spend too much time in one area, the clover is going to be there or it isn’t. The central principle is to always stay curious. If I cannot find what I’m searching for, I will return with more ideas until I find it. 

There is no limit or boundary to my ideas as long as I say curious- searching for my next four leaf clover.

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