Reading Terminal Market's Disability Inclusive Directory Program

Wayfinding Design 

Right This Way!

The Reading Terminal Market's new Crossroads Directory Program was meticulously designed to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, enhancing their navigation and enjoyment of the market and its surroundings. Recognizing the challenges faced by the market and similar establishments nationwide, the program aimed to create a more organized, inclusive, and accessible environment for all visitors.

The market's customers, including those with disabilities, often experienced confusion and anxiety due to the lack of consistency and organization. To address this, the program widened the tight walkways, allowing ample space for individuals using mobility aids to move freely. Moreover, the program increased the number of restrooms, seating areas, and cleaning stations, benefiting visitors with medical conditions and food sensitivities. 

For better way-finding, the Crossroads Directory Program introduced comprehensive directional resources available in both print and digital formats. Detailed maps and directories, accessible through printed brochures, and an app facilitating easy navigation to various points of interest.

The Crossroads Directory Program exemplifies the market's commitment to creating a safer, more inclusive, and enjoyable space for individuals with disabilities. By providing organization, clarity, and improved accessibility, the program enhances the overall experience for all visitors, reinforcing the market's status as a welcoming and inclusive destination.

Crossroads Process Book

Designed in collaboration with Emily Tricker

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