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Put a Pin in Period Pain

Pinned is a small business with a mission to educate individuals about the true meaning of Voodoo and promote its positive aspects by offering healing voodoo dolls for menstrual cramps. These dolls are available for purchase both in-store and online, and are designed to be weighted and heatable, providing relief for stress, menstrual cramps, body aches, and pains.

Voodoo dolls have often been misunderstood and wrongly associated with revenge and evil practices. However, Voodoo, a legitimate religion that is practiced in various parts of the Caribbean, utilizes these dolls for healing and communication with loved ones. Pinned has taken inspiration from this to create voodoo dolls for the purpose of healing. The dolls are crafted with flaxseed, providing a soothing effect when held.

Upon unboxing, the Pinned Menstrual Healing Dolls can be conveniently heated in the microwave, without any need for cords or electricity. The dolls come in five different scents, including lavender, lemon, sage, rose, and an unscented option, with each hand stitched doll having a unique visual appearance, name, and scent, making them special in their own way.

Pinned has created handcrafted, uniquely stitched healing dolls, reflecting the history of Voodoo in their design. Traditionally, Voodoo dolls were made with leftover fabric and filled with materials that would have otherwise gone to waste. Each of the five dolls uses a color palette that reflects their respective scent, making them easily distinguishable for consumers. Flaxseed has been used as a natural weighted filling to eliminate the hassle of cords or electricity. The Pinned dolls come in hanging bags with tags indicating the scent of the doll inside. The visual elements, colors, and type used in the branding reflect the handmade, personalized nature of the doll, aimed at helping heal the specific person, just like a traditional Voodoo doll.

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